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Helping Couples Achieve Parenthood with Cost-Effective Fertility Treatments

As the rate of infertility among couples become a major medical issue in India and across the world, more are opening up and addressing solutions through fertility procedures. However, a lingering concern remains that prevents a lot of couples from seeking advanced medical treatments leading to parenthood, i.e., the cost.

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Fertility procedures like IVF might require multiple attempts, and while it has become widely accepted by aspiring couples, the expense related to the same is what becomes an obstacle after a couple of tries. We have couples coming to us, telling us their harrowing tale of losing all savings in the hope of a little miracle that would light up their lives

Helping Couples Achieve Parenthood Low cost yet satisfactory results guaranteed at Janam Fertility Centre.

At Janam Fertility Centre we acknowledge the financial constraints a couple might have while getting the treatment. However, we never let that become a hindrance in their becoming parents. We are providing the lowest cost of treatment in the states of Punjab, J & K and Himachal Pradesh. The cost is fixed at the start of treatment with the consent of patient which doesn’t vary during the course of treatment. We are one of the leading fertility treatment centres in Punjab, which guarantee very low cost treatment & satisfaction when it comes to procedures like:

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Janam Fertility Centre

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